Listen to the tale of those children of

Gods; those mighty agents of change in our

World, whose deeds are not widely known but still

Prove impressive beyond the ken of Man.

Untold eons ago, the Titans filled the world. There weren’t the Titans as we know them – these weren’t Greek creations. They simply were. The Greeks had names for them, just as all others did. But they were more basic then that. They were simple, primal. They were worshiped by the first people as they hunted and gathered, and prayed for water and fire and sun. The Titans were likewise simple – childish. Undeveloped. And their responses were fickle. They filled the world with blessings and curses; they helped and they hindered. Unheard of creatures filled the night – giants, dwarves, alfar, and more. The world was a dangerous place, and it was not safe to wander the valleys and dark places. And so, man settled. Villages began. Towns arose. Cities soared. And then came the Gods.

These weren’t gods as we know them – omnipotent, all-knowing; these were simpler gods of a simpler time. They were simply better, and could perform stunning acts of the everyday. These acts – hunting, weaving, singing – garnered worship. Garnered faith. Stories began to fill the air, stories that attracted Fate – the real, living force out there in the universe…the insatiable tendency for all things to become Narrative. And as man developed, and stories were told, and the wonder and awe at the spark of fire, or the glint of the sun was lost—there came the Titanomachy.

And the Titans were locked away.

And the Gods abandoned us.

Now, these times have past. We stand in the world of televisions, electricity, cell phones, immense nations, and facebook. We stand in a world of cars and planes, where fire is at our fingertips, and war has been streamlined; where the failure rate of Love is 50%, and where feathers and wax do not wings make; where a labyrinth is no match for a GPS. And the Titans have been freed, and have begun to encroach on the realms of the Gods in the Overworld. As their influence spreads, our world shudders at their presence once again – dark things begin to stir once more, and urban myths take on more truth than they ever should. And the Gods are too pressed to save us – and so, just as in times of old, heroes arise. Champions, sired of Gods. Their Scions.


The Americans

The Europeans


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