Seco Selva

A scientist specializing in ranged combat and party buffs, he's having a bit of a breakdown from all the supernatural goings-on.


Scion of Quetzalcoatl

Strength 2 Dexterity 5 (1 Epic) Stamina 3

Charisma 2 Manipulation 3 Appearance 2

Perception 3 Intelligence 5 (2 Epic) Wits 3

Abilities: Academics 3 Athletics 3 Awareness 3 Command 1 Craft:Blacksmithing 3 Craft:Electronics 1 Investigation 3 Marksmanship 5 Medicine 5 Melee 3 Science:Chemistry 5 Science:Physics 3 Thrown 1

Soak: 3B 2L, Bulletproof Vest gives another 2B 2L

Virtues: Conviction 1 Courage 2 Duty 3 Loyalty 3

Willpower 6 Legend 3

Knacks: Tactical Planning Trick Shooter Fast Learner

Boons: Water Control Bolster Maguey Sting Sky’s Grace Smoking Mirror

Relics: A Maquahitl (Grants access to Health and Water, -1 SPD) A Crossbow (Gives Sky purview, -2 SPD, +1 ACC) Moon Pendant (Allows the Smoking Mirror boon) Heart of Men (Spend 5 ticks to sacrifice the heart, dealing (Willpower points spend, max Legend) damage levels to (Legend points) number of enemies.


Born and raised in Sorroco, New Mexico, Seco was the stereotypical wunderkind from an early age; a tad socially awkward, perhaps, but fiercely loyal to any friends he did manage to garner. School became an escape from a depressing home life with his single mother and drunken, occasionally abusive neighbors. He usually kept to the rules (barring the occasionally bully getting the crap beaten out of him for messing with one of Seco’s friends), but due to a sense of pride instead of any real respect for the law—the bestial actions of those who broke customs were beneath Seco. After leaving high school with a perfect GPA, Seco attended New Mexico Tech, working on a degree in chemistry and physics. Most of his hours were spent in a lab or in the classroom, developing his abilities as a scientist and a scholar. Because of this, however, his tendency to be unable to communicate face-to-face with other people has only increased, along with his emotional immaturity in social situations. While working another late night in the lab, Seco came upon a collection of broken beakers and other equipment; hearing slurred words and shuffling, he correctly guessed that the culprits had been the same revelers that had been harassing him his entire life. Filled with righteous anger at the desecration of knowledge, he took a vial of a neural agent he had been creating in one hand, a meter stick in the other, and went on the hunt. Suffice it to say that the philistines were punished. When the final offender lay at his feet, Seco saw a flash of light as the meter stick he held began to undulate in his hand and the markings began to take on a semblance of feathers. The Feathered Serpent slithered out of his hand and transformed itself into Quetzalcoatl. He revealed himself to be Seco’s father, impressed by Seco’s desire to preserve knowledge. Quetzalcoatl told Seco, whose scientifically crafted sense of reality was quickly falling around his ears, about the true reason that the drunks had attacked Seco’s lab: instead of a random night of vandalism, they had been sent by Dionysis as part of a godly rivalry. The morning star revealed another truth to Seco; the Titans, primal forces of the most base emotions and actions of creation had been freed from the prison the Gods had ascribed to them. Because his valour had been proven this night, Seco was to become Quetzalcoatl’s acting force on Earth to preserve human ingenuity and intellect in the face of a Titan-inspired Dark Age. Seco stands about six feet tall and is of slight build, with a slightly swarthy complexion and black hair, usually too unkempt to have any sort of recognizable part. He usually dresses well enough, but they soon become so wrinkled as to lose most of their fashion value. After spending his lifetime thinking logically about the world around him, he’s understandably freaked out by all the magic and supernatural goings on he now sees on a daily basis—his own newfound powers of healing being one of them. After a major mental breakdown during some downtime while attempting to reclaim the box containing the Chiindii’s land, Seco now chooses to marry the two world views into one that doesn’t involve him wasting his education and passion in life. Because of this, Seco’s thinking regarding his powers are very akin to that of a Renaissance alchemist—seemingly logical, entirely mystical, and maybe more than a little bit batshit crazy. Seco acts as a sort of jack-of-all-trades both inside and outside of battle. He can augment the other Scion’s weapons by creating substances, such as neurotoxins (including the infamous Strawberry Death) or grenades, laser sights, etc. Though reasonably skilled with melee weapons, his true ability shines in long-range combat and occasionally healing comrades. He is extremely loyal to those he considers as members of his party and to his sense of duty, to the point of accomplishing superhuman feats with his crossbow and maquahitl (a.k.a. The Hammer Sword).

Calling: Scholar

Nature: Cynic/Pedagogue

Relationships: Yves: Occasionally kinda creepy, and he keeps making things happen that just plain shouldn’t. However, that one prank involving Edie’s cat and his camera makes him a cool kid in Seco’s book.

Edie: Jesus Christ, she’s loud. He can’t decide if she knows what she’s doing or not.

Joe: Hard ass. Seco kind of wants to bum doobies off of him, but Edie smacks the crap out of him each time he tries for some reason.

Adelina: She’s good with people, and kept Seco from turning a mental breakdown into an all-out brain explosion. So yeah, he’s a fan.

Seco Selva

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