Yves Murel

A photographer-turned-ghost-hunter scion of Baron Samedi with a penchant for quoting Baudelaire.


Calling: Wily Mystic

Nature: Loner

Physical Attributes Strength 1 Dexterity 4 Stamina 2

Social Attributes Charisma 3 Manipulation 3 Appearance 4

Mental Attributes Perception 4 Intelligence 3 Wits 5 (Epic Wits 2)

Abilities Academics 2 Animal Ken 1 Art (Photography) 4 Awareness 3 Command 2 Control (Cheval) 3 Empathy 3 Fortitude 1 Integrity 2 Investigation 2 Melee 2 Occult 5 Politics 1 Presence 3 Stealth 2 Thrown 1

Soak: 2B, 1L

Virtues Harmony 4 Order 1 Piety 2 Vengeance 2

Willpower: 6

Legend: 4

Knacks: Instant Investigator (Wits) Meditative Focus (Wits) Psychic Profiler (Wits)

Birthrights: Cursed Camera (3-Death, Magic, Houses Guide) The Baron’s Veve (1-Psychopomp) Oncle Crâne (1-Sprite Guide)

Other Relics: Wizened Hand (Provides 5 magic points; 0 uses left) Mulberry Leaves (Provides Aggravated soak; 10 uses left) Dust to Dust (Chaos)

Boons: Death Senses (Death 1) Unquiet Corpse (Death 3) Unerring Orientation (Psychopomp 1) Where Are You? (Psychopomp 2) Rada’s Eyes (Cheval 1) Petro’s Hands (Cheval 2) Horse (Cheval 3) Eye of the Storm (Chaos 1) Magic 2

Spells: The Unlidded Eye (1) Evil Eye (2)


Growing up in the foothills of Appalachia as the son of a folk witch and French émigré, Yves lived in a world both idyllic and secluded. Growing up learning bits of mystic lore from his mother and European sensibilities from his mortal father, Yves soon discovered that he had two great interests: Photography and ghosts. He entered the Savannah College of Art and Design on a scholarship, showing much promise with his good eye and quick wit, even though he always seemed a bit withdrawn from other students. His Senior year, however, is when everything went awry. For a photography project, Yves had returned to his homelands to take pictures of local cemeteries and other such macabre places to be found in the mountain villages. It was while photographing one such graveyard that he was attacked by a spectre, enraged at its haven being disturbed. In a flash of quick thinking, Yves remembered a ritual to pacify the dead. Yves sprinkled a bit of grave dirt over his camera, placed a penny on a tombstone, a recited an Appalachian nursery rhyme: “Evil haint, wicked wight, go back to your home tonight!” He then snapped a picture of the restless ghost with his camera, trapping it inside. Before he could even take a moment to catch his breath, a skeleton dressed in a black suit and tophat stepped out of the shadow of a nearby grave, grinning a skeleton-grin, and told Yves that he had been looking for the spectre for some time now, and that he thanked him for taking care of it. The Baron then promptly snatched up Yves’s camera and placed it underneath his hat. Too windswept to protest, Yves just blinked in amazement while the strange skeleton man gave him an odd look, commenting that the young photographer looked strangely familiar, finally recalling the day that he had visited Yves’s mother in a dream after she had preformed a powerful crossroads rite. After explaining to Yves the war with the Titans and how it had affected the Underworlds, Baron Samedi gave Yves a new camera (“This one has a ghost inside it too!”) and then disappeared, saying that he’d “keep in touch”. After finishing his college carreer, Yves traveled the country, chasing down rumors of ghosts and spirits that he could help shepard back into the lands of the dead. It was one such story that brought him to the town of Scarlett in Nevada, where he met the other Scions who would make up his Band as dictated by Fate and the gods.

At 23, Yves is tall, pale, and rail-thin, not much more than a skeleton himself. He has taken to dressing in black swallowtails and has even affected a tophat. He always has his Cursed Camera with him (which looks like it was stolen from the 1920’s), along with some garrote wire he picked up along the way. He keeps a veve of Baron Samedi (another gift from his father) on a string around his neck. Yves tends to be a bit on the introspective side of things. He also wishes his father would take his job a bit more seriously, but he still feels affection towards him. In his Band, Yves acts as a walking tome of occult knowledge, dispensing information about various rituals, creatures, and other such mystical subjects. Anything he doesn’t know himself he can always ask Oncle Crâne about-a crotchety, ghostly skull that lives inside his camera. In battle, he usually hangs back, cursing opponents with the Evil Eye spell, along with attempting to discern their weaknesses which his teammates could exploit. However, he has recently developed a love of strangling his enemies to death with his garrote wire. Although he thinks that sometimes the rest of his Band is a little too quick to jump to both conclusions and actions, they are quickly growing on him (even if they tend to think that he is a necrophiliac).

Calling: Wily Mystic

Nature: Loner

Highest Virtue: Harmony


Adelina: We’d be so similar if we weren’t so different.

Edie: Would you please stop screaming? You’re giving me a headache.

Joe: Hmm.

Seco: Magic isn’t Science, and vice versa.

Yves Murel

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