The Parents

APOLLO, Father of Adelina Kostos


Description: Lord of music, the sun, art and beauty, Apollo is the healer and the sender of plague. He can cure with a touch or smite with his golden bow. Blond, blue-eyed, with muscled olive-tan skin, his smile sends quivers through half of both male and female populations, yet his love affairs seem fated to be short lived and touched by tragedy. Apollo’s tendency to speak truths others are unwilling to face is guaranteed to win respect from half the room and make the other half want to start swinging.

In modern times, Apollo has been a New Age massage therapist and a Piccadilly Circus pick-up boy, a brilliant neurosurgeon, a cruel film reviewer and a ponderous academic. Whatever his role, he is invariably a well-known and respected (if controversial) figure.

His Scions tend to take after him. Classically handsome or beautiful, muscular and active, they tend to follow careers in the arts, music or health professions. Many are entangled in the machinations of Fate, owing to their father’s long-standing interest in and control of prophecy.

Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic Charisma, Arete, Health, Prophecy, Sun

Abilities: Art, Athletics, Medicine, Marksmanship, Presence, Science

Rivals: Hades; Baldur, Raiden, Shango, Thoth, Xipe Totec

GAME NOTES: Apollo has shown himself to be a supportive, proud, and doting parent – and a supercilious, vindictive, boastful god. Meeting his daughter at the MGM Hotel, alongside the other gods and their Scions, Apollo was quick to impress the importance of the quest Quetzalcoatl had laid out – while at the same time, undercutting the same god’s authority by acknowledging his visions being critical to their coming together in the first place. He instructed Adelina to betray the Band and forge a compact solely between the Chiindii and the Dodekatheon.

Since this visit, Apollo has made himself known to his daughter on a handful of occasions. These visits have included words of motivation to her, degradation to her companions and the Chiindii, and relics of power – and all have been accompanied by paternal affection well in-line with Greek mythology… Most recently, as a favor to the cat goddess Bastet, Apollo has loaned out the services of Adelina in aid of the Scion Edie Eastwood…

Apollo can be contacted by dedicating a piece of original art in his name.

BARON SAMEDI, Father of Yves Murel


Description: Baron Samedi would have you believe he spent a Saturday night in a drunk tank in the Underworld, drinking Jesus under the table with shots of rum. Then, he’ll grin at you like a crack addict in the middle of a mescaline overdose, and you wonder who’s really taking the drugs. Outfitted with sunglasses, a stylish black shirt or a white shirt and an undertaker’s swallowtail coat, silver jewelry and a top hat, the Baron loves to entertain children and frighten the living daylights out of adults. In legend, he walks right up to dictators and tells them to put their affairs in order. He mugs for the cameras in New Orleans. He strolls between nightclubs everywhere, putting AIDS on the tip of every seventh needle.

Of all the Gods, only Baron Samedi never disguises himself. He is always Saturday’s lord, always dressed for a party, always ready to live unlife to the fullest. His entourage, the ghede—the dead, who are ghosts and zombies and revered ancestors—trail along in his wake like the groupies of a rock star or the entourage of a Hollywood celebrity. This is, of course, what the Baron is, the notorious star of the most dangerous and psychotic boy-band that ever prowled the concert hall that is the World.

A similar infamy attaches itself to Baron Samedi’s Scions. Ghosts approach them with messages for the living; goth teenagers drink in their every word before they hang themselves; photographers snap their portraits for inclusion in books of freaks. Like the children of the famous everywhere, Samedi’s offspring go through difficult teenage years, experimenting with either rigid self-discipline or utter abdication of responsibility. The Baron is a family man, though. He takes all the necessary steps to see that his Scions follow him in the family business.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Cheval, Darkness, Death, Earth, Health, Psychopomp

Abilities: Command, Fortitude, Integrity, Occult, Politics, Presence

Rivals: Kalfu; Hades, Hel, Izanami, Miclántecuhtli, Osiris

GAME NOTES: Baron Samedi can be contacted by drinking rum in a graveyard

BASTET, Mother of Edie Eastwood


Description: Queen of Cats, with a feline grace, Bastet is a Goddess of prophecy—though she’s no pawn or puppet of Fate. Cat-headed, with skin the color of chocolate, covered with fine fur, Bastet has green eyes with vertical slits common to cats. What her chosen animals see, she also sees. Thoth made her keeper of his Book, a magical work that controls such powerful forces as time-space and life-death-rebirth, so that he could not undo the universe accidentally. Using it, Bastet keeps mortals in realms of mortal time. Her Scions help to keep such secrets from mortal, divinity and Titan alike.

In the modern day, Bastet appears as a slender woman with rounded hips and a graceful manner. She has been a belly dancer and the madam of a brothel, the hostess of salons and a spy in Paris. She even took on a role as a geisha in Japan, as part of a special exchange program among Gods many years ago. Of the Pesedjet, she is most open to new experiences.

Her Scions are motivated to explore and interact with novelty. They usually begin with cautious observation before delving in deeply to their subject, as if it were an academic exercise. Once convinced that it is not dangerous, they leap in completely. It is at this point that they usually remember what killed the cat.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity, Epic Perception, Epic Wits, Animal (Cat), Heku, Moon, Prophecy, Sun, Vengeance

Abilities: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Larceny, Stealth, Survival

Rivals: Isis; Frigg, Hera, Ogoun, Raiden, Tlazoltéotl

GAME NOTES: Bastet can be contacted by speaking to a cat during a full moon

HACHIMAN, Father of Joe Fukinawa


Description: Hachiman, lord of fishing nets, fertile fields and war, is a changeable and flexible God. His symbol, the tomoe, is three teardrops circling in a vortex, signifying the forces of change and transformation that he brings to any occasion. In legends, he could be a warrior with a topknot, a bald-headed priest or a long-haired fisherman. As a divine protector of all social classes, he is able to shift even his divine form, becoming fat or thin, tall or short, bald or hairy, as the moment takes him. Unfortunately, he is unable to shift forms on the fly; whatever shape he takes for a given encounter, he must retain. In addition, the dove and his eight traditional banners are present wherever he goes. They are inviolable symbols of his presence.

In modern times, Hachiman sees Amaterasu’s obsession with Japan as needlessly focused. As a martial artist and Buddhist monk, he has brought the benefits of Japanese ideals to the West. As a dexterous chef, he’s served up the benefits of its cuisine. As an anime producer, he’s touted its storytelling and its culture. He laughs early and often, and enjoys family gatherings where he can sit as the wise old uncle, spinning tales about life after the war or in the internment camps. Most of all, he carries on war against the enemies of reality by other means: tying together networks of people and ideas, fertilizing the open fields of hungry minds and campaigning for good education in science and technology. Like all generals, he knows that logistics, not glory, wins battles and wars.

Hachiman chooses which of his children he will reveal his true nature to for exactly the same reasons. The most aggressive and difficult ones he tends to ignore, in favor of those with practical goals and achievable ends. His Scions need to be officers and leaders of soldiers, not cannon fodder on the fi eld, especially now that the theater of battle is the World. Rarely are his Scions dull or unintelligent, for the Lord of Eight Banners wants an army that loves its country with eyes open to both its benefi ts and its fl aws. His Birthrights are often books— manuals of battle tactics or business management, designed to shift a reader’s consciousness.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity, Epic Wits, Animal (Dove), Fertility, Guardian, Tsukumo- Gami, War

Abilities: Athletics, Command, Investigation, Marksmanship, Melee, Science

Rivals: Raiden; Ares, Freyr, Horus, Ogoun, Xipe Totec

QUETZALCOÁTL, Father of Seco Selva


Description: Quetzalcoátl, the cleverest, most peaceful and least bloodthirsty of the Atzlánti, has been a priest and a king, a builder and a lawgiver, an engineer, an astronomer and a doctor—and that is his legendary persona. Pale, silver-haired and bearded, Quetzalcoátl is tall and athletic, garbed in the brilliant green and red feathers of his namesake bird. Requiring a blood sacrifice but once a year, the God of the feathered serpent pushes mortals to create beauty and art, to live joyfully in the present moment and to achieve their highest ambitions both individually and as societies. He specializes in creating golden ages.

In modern times, this means that he rarely sticks with one identity for very long. He might be a painter in the morning, an elderly engineer in the afternoon and a first-time lover in the evening. He enjoys dancing until dawn while a digital calculator rides in his hip pocket, so he can calculate the tensile strength of a new skyscraper’s steel beams on the job site the next morning. He is always beautifully dressed for the occasion (whatever it is).

His Scions are similarly energetic, with a hundred projects all racing to completion simultaneously. They inspire others to feats of artisanship and have an easy time creating worldwide cultural phenomena, from new trends in fashion to revivals of old musical forms. They are always on the edge of the next new and hip thing. They are also almost always exhausted, and their successes inspire bitter jealousies.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Intelligence, Animal (Resplendent Quetzal), Fertility, Guardian, Earth, Health, Itztli, Justice, Psychopomp, Sky, Water

Abilities: Academics, Command, Investigation, Medicine, Melee, Science

Rivals: Tezcatlipoca; Athena, Dionysus, Loki, Ptah, Susano-o, Thor, Thoth

GAME NOTES: Quetzalcoatl can be contacted by a sacrifice of blood

The Parents

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